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Most people tend to get a friend or try and work out what to do for themselves instead of going for expert tuition. This is okay, but it is important to understand many people shoot with underlying faults, and each person will perceive hitting a moving target slightly differently.

Taking this option may take many years and tens of thousands of cartridges before you’re shooting gets to a good standard.

When clients come to me, the first thing I will do is explain clearly how shotgun shooting works and comes together, all based on hand-eye co-ordination.

Within five shots I will determine master eye dominance (don’t rely on the pointing method and shutting one eye to see which keeps on, as sometimes when a target is moving it is not always accurate).

I will then explain a very straight forward method using hand eye co-ordination to learn from. This is you’re base method which needs to be repeated hundreds of times to allow you’re mind, body and vision to work as one. This is the same for any new instruction you’re mind and body is carrying out, it needs to be repeated to become the normal¬†(muscle memory), just think how awkward it first felt when you learnt to drive a car. As well as my long shooting career, I use methods in my Martial arts training to give a unique refreshing simple structure to teaching.

After one or two lessons, you have something straightforward to take away and practice. I would then advise to come back after a few months to moves things forward. Very soon you will have a clear understanding and have a method that does not require tens of thousands of cartridges to be fired (unlike the saturation methods used by some)¬†also you have a base to go back to when you’re shooting is out-of-sorts.

A success for me is someone who shoots very well, but doesn’t feel he needs to constantly practice, or compete, to maintain a high standard.

Until the next time: good shooting!

Steven Edwards

Home | Syndicate | Beginners | Gun on Pegs | New Season Tips | Tips for Game Shooting

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